Let's come and enjoy with us ! We support your amazing country side journey in Japan.
About us as MORINOKUNI
You can find out the summary of MORINOKUNI and check out activity list and calender written in english.
Culture and Sports in Japan
Canyoning,hiking in Japanese BUNA tree・・・etc.
You will be filled with delight embark on new adventures.
Sports&MTB Bike Tours
What a relaxing ride under a light falling onto you through the trees after uphill.
Becoming one with nature to the fullest is what a bike riding is all about!
Special!! Mt. Daisen ancient road Trekking and MTB Riding
Enjoy‘Trekking’ and ‘Mountain Biking’ from National Park Daisen to the location overlooking Japan Sea.
Activity Reservation
You can find amazing activities and calender in Mt.Daisen !
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