■Special!! Mt. Daisen ancient road Trekking and MTB Riding
Enjoy‘Trekking’ and ‘Mountain Biking’ from National Park Daisen to the location overlooking Japan Sea.

Spring 2012
New Eco Tour: Mountain Bike Tour of Mt. Daisen!

Enjoy ‘Trekking’ and ‘Mountain Biking’ from Daisen National Park to
a location overlooking the Sea of Japan.

Nature, History, Refreshment and Hospitality

You will find the nostalgic scenery that brings you back to
the small hometown of Japan.

This tour takes us downhill from Mt. Daisen Ski Site (elevation 850 meters) to the foot of the mountain (elevation 100 meters). Along the way we trek the Mt. Daisen ancient roads and local rice fields. One of the attractions is visiting a local farmer for Japanese tea.

We supply standard mountain bike (MTB) for off-road riding.
   ■Adult GIANT ROCK
   ■Child XTC 24(Junior)

“Feel Japan”- Mt. Daisen ancient road Trekking and MTB Riding

During the trek along Mt. Daisen’s ancient road, enjoy traveling far back in time.
We visit the villages where was Daisen was settled before the Edo period.

At a local farmer’s house, please enjoy sitting back on Japanese old style house’s porch.

On this tour you will be able to enjoy Japanese tea or experience making traditional Japanese rice balls with a local obaa-san (grandma).

Lunch is included (Rice balls, Japanese pickles, Miso Soup)
Also a gift of Mt. Daisen bottled water (500ml)!

Sometimes we stop, get off our bikes and wander around the villages and rice fields on narrow paths for your relaxation. Our guide will show you a leisurely time.

Please feel free to chat with people you meet during this tour. We hope you have memorable encounter.

Local obaa-san ladies with beaming faces are waiting for you!
You will find the real Japan!



Feel Japan
Mt. Daisen ancient road Trekking and MTB Riding

【Required time-4hour/Distance-about 24km】

Off road riding from the halfway up down to the foot of Mt. Daisen led by a guide

First half - Mt. Daisen ancient road trekking and walking around Japanese local villages.
Tea time at the local farmers house
Lunch at the rice fields

Second half - MTB riding, we explore genuine mountain, river on the bike. The majestic Japan sea right before your eyes at the goal The Sea ofJAPAN.

* Up and down course

Tour Price


■MTB rental included
■Mt. Daisen bottled
  water 500ml Present
□Needed \200 for
accident insurance fee

■What time do we start and come back?

10:00AM〜  4hours (dropping off and picking up time included)
Begin at Morinokuni, ride to top of trail provided - Mt. Daisen ancient road trekking - Local villages and farmar's house - Rice ball making - Luch time at the rice field - MTB riding - river crossing on the bike - Off road Riding - Mikuriya Old Style Shopping Street -The Goal the sea of Japan-ride back to Morinokuni provided

※From April to November
※No tour will be operated during Golden Week holidays
※During Summer vacation(The end of July to August), please check on Morinokuni summer calendar.

※September schedule will be posted on the event calendar.
Equipment We provide MTB. helmet, protector



■ Windbreaker jacket and a tight-fitting trousers or leggings
You can wear the outfits that matches the weather, and bring your windbreaker.
Bottoms can get dirty with the grease of the gear, we advise you to wear a tight fitting bottoms like leggings. ( If you need, we offer special anckel belts for pants.)
Your shoes might get wet on the river crossing.
Your hands become chilled during riding.Please be prepare in case of fall, because we ride off- road. If you don't have biking gloves, cotton work gloves are fine.

■ Other belongings
Drinks, Sunglasses, Small towel, Rain apparel
Let's hit the road with your backpack!
(We have drink vending machines at Morinokuni.)
Q & A
Q1:Can I cancel on weather conditions?
:If there is any concern
, we provide consultation. 
⇒Please call to 0859(53)8036

Q2:Can I bring own bike?

A2:Yes. However no discount or refound of the full price.
You can use only MTB.

Q3:What kind fo MTB and helmet will be supplid?
A3:Both of Aduld and Junior use MTB,GIANT ROCKXTC 24(Junior).
However MTB might be subject to variation on the condition or the size of group.

Q4:Can I take my child?
A4:Over 6 years old and in above the hight of 135cm, they can use junior size MTB.

Q5:Do I need insurance?
A5:Yes. You will be required to have accident insurance.
<Accident Insutance \200)>
hospital visit \1,500/hospital stay \3,000/demise・permanent damage¥3,000,000/liability indemnity ¥50,000,000
2 passengers
Your inquiry and booking are available
until the morning one day before.

Please send your detaill to Inquiry Form

International telephone 81-859-53-8036 or Domestic 0859-53-8036

About us
We place great importance
on the warm communication
between people,nature and history.

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